We will get to know each other and in etiquette fashion I will find out whether you drink coffee or tea every morning or prefer to grab a double tall latte on your way to work. Just so you know I am a trained tea and etiquette consultant and consider myself an ambassador of afternoon tea! As I mentioned above, I am all about building relationships. We will then begin the process of selling your home. We will start with your unique goals, timelines and resources that will require a strategic plan for success. I will give you advice for your personal goals based on my experience in your local market. Every market and geographic area has nuances that must be considered when the strategy evolves. Getting the proper advice all along the way will assure you the greatest chances of success.


The next step to selling your property is getting your finances in order. Let your mortgage provider know you are considering selling and find out if there are any penalties for paying back your mortgage early. If you plan on purchasing a new home as well, think about the kind of mortgage you will require for that transaction. Your mortgage provider should be able to give you information on the mortgages you will be eligible for.


If you are selling your property chances are that you are looking for another one. Make sure that you have started marketing the sale of your home before you start looking for a new home. Taking a look around the area that you would like to move is one thing but seeing your dream home and losing it because your house is not on the market yet is an avoidable heartbreak. If you end up finding a house that you can’t wait to buy before selling your own, you can ask your lender for a bridge loan. A bridge loan is a special type of loan that if you have enough equity in your current home allows you to pay the down payment on a new loan. You may also get a home equity loan in order to help with the dual mortgage payments.


I will provide you with a competitive market analysis to help determine the best possible listing price. Many sellers don’t realize the dangers of overpricing and the chilling effect it has on showing. The biggest mistake sellers can make is to overprice their property which may cause the property to sit on the market longer than expected. Getting traffic is the prerequisite to getting offers.


The place to pay attention to first is what buyers will see first: the view from the street. Curb appeal is a major factor in a successful home sale, so you may need to repaint the exterior or clean the siding, plant new flowers and make sure you’re keeping the lawn short, clean and alive. A lot of us enter our house through the garage, and we don’t know how bad sometimes that front door and the mulch, and so forth, looks as a first impression. If you don’t have the money or the time to make the necessary repairs or updates, there’s always the option to list your home for sale “as is,” meaning the buyer can expect to take on any necessary repairs, renovations or maintenance tasks.


A final step before making your home visible to the public is staging the property. This process may involve moving your own furniture to storage and renting simpler pieces, or it may simply mean moving a few chairs around and decluttering. The point of staging your home is to help the key rooms – kitchen, living room, master bedroom and master bathroom – appeal to as many potential buyers as possible, rather than reflect your own style. You want people, when they walk into your house, to envision themselves living there, not envision you living there. That means removing family photos, keeping counters clear and making sure each room is easy to navigate through without having to dodge furniture. Remember that buyers are viewing on average one dozen homes online that are in their price range. Maximizing interest from buyers online will give you the best chance of a quick sale at a good price.


When everything is in place and your home is ready to show off her best features, and within your time frame, we will list your home on the open market. As a savvy internet marketer I will use social media tools and the internet to throw a broader wider net to capture more buyers’ interest and get more foot traffic through your home.


As soon as your house is on the market, never leave home without tidying up – clear the floor of laundry, make the beds, vacuum daily and keep the sink clear of dishes. It is critical you make it as easy as possible for potential buyers to view your home. Potential buyers may ask to see your home on short notice. It is best if you can accommodate these requests if at all possible. You never know which one will be the buyer that will fall in love. Yes, showing your home can be a life interruption but the more accommodating you are, the sooner your house will sell.


At this point you will have had plenty of interest in your property, and people should be coming to your home for viewings. If everything goes well, a buyer (and most often the agent representing them) will present me with an offer. Traditional real estate marketing statistics tell us that if your home is priced well and in good condition, and if the marketing is effective you should get an offer for every 11 showings. If we aren’t getting offers, we may need to revisit the price of the property and the condition of your home. I will have solicited showing feedback which will be constructive and helpful in determining what adjustments you will need to make.


I will present you with all offers and the benefits and risks of each one. You will have the opportunity to either accept or counter any offer based on its merits. Sometimes negotiations can take several rounds until you have the “meeting of the minds” with the buyer. At this point you and the buyer have agreed to all of the terms of the offer and both parties have signed the agreements. Now you have a “ratified contract”.


During the time period from contract to closing, which these days can take from 45 to 60 days, time is of the essence. Any contingencies that you have agreed to have time frames must be kept. The buyer will usually perform a physical home inspection. They may ask for certain repairs. I will assist you with your options and negotiate regarding the home inspection. While under contract the buyer (90% of the time will be financing the home purchase) will work with their mortgage provider to finalize the loan and perform other due diligence. There will be an appraisal and a pest inspection among other items.


After all contingencies have been met, the buyer’s file goes to underwriting. Within a short time the transaction will go to closing. This is the transfer of funds and ownership. The buyer will do a final walk through shortly before settlement and you will need to be all packed up and moved out, unless there was some other arrangement.


I have moved from continents and States and consider myself an experienced moving expert! I will equip you with good tips – this will ensure the entire process goes well from start to finish. Moving the family, stuff and pets is all part of the process. Congratulations, you are in your dream home!

How much is my home worth?

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